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nilikash jyotish sanstha 
nilikash jyotish sanstha was established on 26th January 1977 to give free Astrological 
Advices and remedies on there problems
We gave free advices to people up to 25 years
Our Astrologers
Prakash Pradhan :- He has started writing articles and given free guidances and prepared Horoscopes  from 1969 and lots of his predictions had been true up to now.
One of  the great predictions :-
Dr. Sushila Balraj will enter in Ministry of  State in April 1977 and she entered in April 1977 
Prakash Pradhan meets Dr. Sushila Balraj when she was Health minister and at that time he predicted that Indira Gandhi may go to Jail on 7 September 1977 and can be in jail upto 1978 as she was having a very bad period that time and unfortunately Indira Gandhi was Jailed on the same day 7th September 1977 but fortunately she was for one day only in jail. He also predicted that Indira Gandhi Death will not be natural in 1980.
Such these Predictions he had prediction number of predictions and till now with god blessings it has been nearly true.
Written Books :- 1)Tumche Graha Yoga Tumhich Paha (marathi)
                               2) Ratne (marathi)
Nilima Pradhan :- As we say heridatory this thing only happen with her her father was a good Astrologer. She is the founder and Director of nilikash jyotish Sanstha from 1977. She has been writing articles on Astrology from 1978.
                    Predicted Lots of predictions of Nations, Political, common peoples etc.
1978 Prime Minister Morarji Desai given thanks letters for her predictions.
She had also met Smt. Indira Gandhi on 26th September 1984 last personal meeting with her at Prime Minister resident at New Delhi.
1985 Nilima Pradhan was honored as Jyotish Mahamahopadhya in International Conference of Astrologers.
1985 she predicted that there will a National level corruption in 1987 and it was absolutely true as there was a corruption of Boffers
She predicted that in election of Bombay Municipal Corporation Shiv-Sena Member will be leading and it was true.
1985 Assembly election of state of Maharashtra congress will form govt. and Vasandada Patil will be chief minister.
Such as she had predicted many predictions and had came almost true
Both of the above Astrologers had been rewarded by many ministers and also got medals in International Astrological Conference .
In Jan 1988 at B-4 bungalow Mr. & Mrs. Pradhan predicted to Smt Pratibhatai Pawar that her husband Shri Sharad Pawar will take charge of chief minister-ship in June 1988 and it came true.
In 1989 written 20 year prediction from 1989 to 2009 in Tarun Bharat newspaper and 90% of the prediction had been came true till now.
Predicted in 1991 a famous leader will be no more unfortunately Rajiv Gandhi Prime minister of India was dead.
1994 is worst period and some terrible shocking incident can happen in Mumbai. (bomb blast in Mumbai happen)
2003 is worst period and some terrible shocking incident can happen in U.S.A. (attack in U.S.A. happen)
2005 is worst period and some terrible shocking incident can happen in England. (bomb blast in England happen)
1995 Sena Bjp will get 138 Assembly seats in Maharashtra state election and 120 seats in Gujarat election came absolutely true.
Nilikash Pradhan:- He is having study of Astrology from his childhood and writing many articles on Astrology in various newspapers magazines.
One of his best Prediction:-
He predicted in Yugadesh Magazine that in April 2004 Congress I will form govt. in Central and Sonia Gandhi and Sharad Pawar will get get good position in Central.
He had predicted in 2004 that Sensex will touch 10000
He had predicted lots of prediction on Cricket Matches also and came almost 85 to 90% true Predicted that India will won the one day and test match series with Pakistan in Pakistan 
England will win Ashes series in 2005
India will win Srilanka series in 2005.
2007 World and political Prediction almost came true which was published in Diwali Magazine DAMINI
Books are going to soon published in English also.
He is also consulting Vastu Shastra and personally visit to place and give advice about Vastu.

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